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A Note: From Me to You

Hey! Look at you, raising a toddler! But, how are you?

I know that caring for littles, running a home, working + carrying the mental load takes its toll. (You're basically a superhero, obviously.) Running on love and fumes, sometimes it's hard to see beyond that countdown to bedtime... and even harder to take care of ourselves when we're oversubscribed to everyone else's needs. Of course we're grateful, but we're equally exhausted.

Consider this a lifeline.

Stuck in quarantine with a tiny toddler + a newborn baby for much of the last year, I became desperate for sensory play and activities that would actually entertain them for a considerable period of time without spending a fortune or being wasteful.

As I documented some of our faves - and fails - on social media, I began connecting with fellow overwhelmed mamas who were also looking for inspiration, resources and help entertaining their toddlers, but felt lost on where to even begin.

Now, with each Busy Box I create, my hope is that you can feel good about providing your child with an enriching experience while allowing yourself time and grace for a moment of quiet, checking a to-do off your list, or stress-free time to be present with your child. I see you, and you deserve this.

Whatever fills your cup, let me help with that first pour.